Your Complete, One Stop Guide to Why Buttigieg is the Wrong Choice

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

1. He’s running on his resumé. It’s pretty thin!

2. His time at McKinsey raises a lot of questions.

3. His record as mayor is very troubling.

4. His advisors tell us who he is. Believe him.

5. His donors and fundraisers are billionaires and bankers.

6. He seems to have a blind spot on on race.

Pete thought these shirts were okay.

7. He has almost no support among black voters.

8. He’s wrong about free college (and he knows it).

​8. He cynically flip-flopped on Medicare for All.

9. He is middle of the pack on climate change.

10. His campaign shows us how he would govern.

11. Why is he even in this race?

Writer, filmmaker, consultant to organizations working on climate change and justice issues.

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