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  • Matthew Remski

    Matthew Remski

    Investigative journo: conspirituality & cults. Co-host at http://conspirituality.net. Bylines: GEN, The Walrus. More @ http://matthewremski.com/wordpress/

  • r3.0


    r3.0 is a pre-competitive & market-making non-profit delivering groundbreaking Blueprints, Transformation Journeys and Conferences for system value creation.

  • Rachel Sumner

    Rachel Sumner

  • Val Nelson

    Val Nelson

    Introverted HSP enjoying the freedom of self-employment. Experienced business/life coach passionate about introverts living their purpose. https://valnelson.com

  • Efan Hsieh ("Ee-fahn")

    Efan Hsieh ("Ee-fahn")

    I’m a trained functional health coach & behavior change specialist. I help high-achieving people reclaim self-care and get more energy, clarity, and balance.

  • Samantha Sims

    Samantha Sims

  • Nina Smolyar

    Nina Smolyar

  • Kara Kritis Harper

    Kara Kritis Harper

  • Chris Page

    Chris Page

  • Chelsea Sunday Kline

    Chelsea Sunday Kline

    No, but seriously. I have no idea what I’m doing.

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